Perfume Blend (Essential Oils)

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Our hand poured perfume oils come in a variety of scents and are made with the highest quality all natural ingredients.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil & essential oils

Each blend comes in a 5 ml glass rollerball bottle.


SCENT DESCRIPTION (not the actual ingredients):

Cashmere (soft floral notes of sweet bay, clementine, white jasmine and a hint of lavender)

- Palo Santo (woodsy blend of palo santo, vetiver and sweet bay leaf oils)

- Sandalwood Noir 49 (a spicy blend of sandalwood, rose and amber)

- Tobacco Rose (vanilla, tuberose, patchouli, dark amber)

- Vetiver 57 (vetiver, Egyptian patchouli and tonka vanilla bean)

- White Jasmine 76 (jasmine, lily, white sage, black tea)

- Woodberry (pink grapefruit, vanilla, lavender, cardamom, sweet clementine, blood orange)


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