Our Story

We are Samuel & Sarah, the husband-wife team behind Oil of Joy Apothecary (formerly The Country Muffin). We come from small towns and big families. We get how challenging it can be to stay well and keep your family healthy. We're learning that it all starts at HOME ... building a foundation right where you are to not only be strong when life hits you hard, but more importantly to think proactively. Make the first move.

I (Sarah) grew up in a family of 9 and my mom quit her job as a physical therapist to be a full time homemaker, wifey and mom of 7. She was great at researching health issues, trying alternative healing methods at home, and using simple ingredients from the kitchen to cure our everyday ailments. My dad started his own company in 2003 with a lot of passion, purpose, prayer ... and mouths to feed. I learned from my parents how to research, be creative, buy and sell, value my people, and do hard things. I started making and selling my first products in 2014 and I've never looked back. Now I double up with my hubby (of almost 1 year) to keep doing what I LOVE.

Running a shop is hard. Making products that produce the right results can be daunting. Keeping up with everything is overwhelming. But being an entrepreneur, working from home, overcoming obstacles and working through challenges, hearing stories from my people and knowing that we're making an incredible difference in the world ... this is what we love. 

We handcraft our products from scratch  - starting with raw, Organic ingredients and ending with hand-packaged products and personal touches. What we do is more than a job ... it's a labor of LOVE. 

Join us on this journey! From our home to yours.

Samuel & Sarah 



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