Join Us in Helping the Community!

Help us give back to the community! A percentage of EVERY sale goes to benefit families and individuals in need. It's not just a product - it's a cause.

We are  Samuel & Sarah, a husband - wife team working together to create Organic, non-toxic, health-enhancing products that you can trust and love!

We grew up in big families, so we understand the challenges of staying healthy. We care about lasting solutions, not just temporary relief for surface symptoms - that's why we are passionate about creating products that WORK, and educating others to care for their homes and families.

We handcraft our products from scratch  - starting with raw, Organic ingredients and ending with hand-packaged products and personal touches. What we do is more than a job ... it's a labor of LOVE. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Organic Healing Salve

"My husband has skin grafts from 3rd degree burns many years ago. The graft area is very sensitive and constantly itches especially in winter. The Healing balm is the first real relief he has had in over 30 years. Thank you!"

- Patti

Organic Allergy Relief Oil Blend

"I am so thankful for this Allergy Oil, because it absolutely WORKS! The results were immediate! My allergies were horrible: itchy, burning eyes, severe nose drip, sneezing, coughing... After the very 1st application, all my symptoms were nonexistent. I apply once each morning and night and it's working like a charm."

- Anna

Organic Breathe Easy Oil Blend

" I bought your Breathe Oil for my 6-year old son's severe asthma. At the time he was using his nebulizer on a frequent basis. I started rubbing Breathe on his chest every night before bed. It has now been over a year and he has used his nebulizer 1-2 times. You saved my son! Thank you for all your wonderful healing products!"

- Rebekah



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